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    What have been some tough decisions you have had to make regarding your work? How did you reach the decision? What can be learned from your experience?


    Korrates vana tõde: emotsionaalsed otsused on saatanast.
    Kui on teada, et organisatsioonis on tekkinud väiksemad grupid või leerid, siis kaasata juhtkonda või otsuste tegemisse kõigi leeride esindajad. Sisekliimale pole hea, kui üks osa tunneb pidevalt, et nende arvamust ei taheta ära kuulatagi ning omavahel end rohkem üles kütab.


    There was a situation were it was necessary to pick a facilitator. One person really wanted to do it and it would have been really developing for him but he wasn’t so goot at this. So it was decided to not let him lead the courses because the program wouldn’t have been so good in quality.
    It is necessary to think about all sides and consequenses of the decisions and do what’s best accordong to this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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