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Public relations

2-6 hours

4 lessons

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An organisation can’t work and develop without any connection with the outside world. We need to adapt to the environment around us, find friends and partners, have financial and other resources. This course will cover marketing, advocacy, partnership and sponsorship. We suggest this as the fourth course to take on our platform.

The Course Plan

In this course you will learn about the following



Youth organisations need to market our projects, programs and messages in order to reach our goals, recruit members, sell our products, etc.



Secondly, they need to advocate their positions and opinions to achieve the change they want to see in the society. 



Thirdly, they need to find partners with similar goals to cooperate and work more effectively.


Finding resources

And finally they need to employ communication to gather necessary resources to operate and develop. 

Our Approach

Each course is hand-crafted to suit the needs of youth leaders.

The fundamental concepts first

Practical exercises with your team

A global community to support you

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